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This is Engatta

With Engatta, you have a collaborative workspace. One place to plan, create and publish to all your channels. The workflow guarantees that content is delivered on time and on brand.

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Collaborative workspace

Create content in a structured way. Complete your tasks and track all changes. Easily comment or compliment each other. A single source of truth connects all your sources, guidelines and channels. Engatta moves smart content teams forward.




Are you in control with a real-time overview of past, present and planned content across all channels?  What items need fine-tuning, and which ones are ready to go? You are always up to date with Engatta Calendar.


Ensure that your editorial team publishes each piece of content on time and on brand. Never miss a deadline. Keep track of lead time. And easily create and tick tasks for all your content types with Engatta Planner.

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Don't let deadlines slip through the cracks and make sure your editorial team always delivers on time ánd on brand content. With the Engatta Planner you'll never miss a beat, making managing lead times and tracking tasks for all your content types a breeze.


Say goodbye to the chaos of scattered to-do lists and welcome a clear overview with handy boards. Empower your editorial process and keep your team informed at all times with a clear daily task overview. Stay organized, stay efficient.


Elevate your content game. Whether it's blogs, whitepapers, or podcasts, a structured approach provides the roadmap for top-notch results. Types help you define content, guidelines, and tasks, ensuring quality output and seamless collaboration. 


Master your content completely and get an overview of all your channels – both sources and destinations. Keep up with upcoming plans, track published content, and effortlessly group items by events, themes, or offerings. Stay in the know, effortlessly.


Engatta connects with an immense amount of applications so the content can flow between sources and an even greater number of channels.