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We use cookies to optimize our communication and to enhance your customer experience.

Cookies help the website, or other websites, to recognize your device the next time you visit. Web beacons or other similar files perform the same function. We use the term ‘Cookies’ in this policy statement to refer to all the files that collect data in this way. We only use Cookies in accordance with the relevant legislation.

What are Cookies for?

Cookies have various functions, including remembering login details, managing non-essential preferences, and analyzing website effectiveness for relevant content recommendations. Some cookies may contain personal information, but the majority collect more general information like visitor traffic, website usage patterns, and general location.

What type of Cookies does Engatta use?

Our Cookies and similar technologies (‘Cookies’) serve different purposes:

1. Essential/Necessary Cookies

These Cookies are of primary importance for the functioning of our website and are activated automatically when you use our website. We store the settings for your consent to use Cookies, so that these settings are remembered for future visits to our website (‘Opt-in/-out Cookie’).

2. Performance Cookies

These Cookies make it possible for us to improve the performance and content of our website and to quickly define and solve any possible issues. Performance Cookies allow us to offer you an outstanding customer experience. For instance, we use them to track what pages are the most popular, what method of linking pages is the most effective and to determine why certain pages get error messages. If Engatta starts using these Cookies in the future, you will be able to enable or disable them.

3. Third-party Cookies

Engatta also allows third parties to place Cookies that fall into one of the three categories described above on its website. When you visit our website you will notice that certain Cookies are related to third parties. For example, we use Google Analytics of Google Inc. to help us monitor our web traffic. We may also use third-party Cookies with market research to improve the functionalities of our website and to monitor compliance. Consent for the use of such third-party Cookies is also assigned by the permission settings tool on the website. As soon as consent has been granted, Engatta has no control over the dissemination of these third-party Cookies and cannot block such Cookies from its website. For more information about this, you need to consult the website of the relevant third party.



1. Changes

From time to time we will revise this Cookies Statement without notification. We advise you to check regularly if any such revision has taken place. Although we do not anticipate any amendments in the near future, we shall inform you of any major changes that may negatively affect your interests on our website and/or service platform. The Privacy & Cookies Statement does not apply to third-party websites that are visited from links on the Engatta website.

2. Applicable law

The Privacy & Cookies Statement falls exclusively under the jurisdiction of the Netherlands. Any dispute that may arise in connection with the Privacy & Cookies Statement will be referred exclusively to the competent Dutch judge.

3. Contact

If you have any questions about our use of cookies or other technologies, please email us at