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customer experiences are the pins linked together to a continuous customer lifecycle

An optimal customer lifecycle is something that any brand wants to achieve. Data solutions have been implemented in recent years to support this. But in order to optimize the customer lifecycle, tailored and relevant content is needed too.

As organizations have been focusing on data gathering and insights, a gap has formed in the amount of content available in contrast to the amount needed for targeted messages along the customer lifecycle. Content has been created and much of it is entered into data solutions such as Customer Data Platform Solutions (CDP) and Digital Marketing Platforms (DMP). But these systems are made for data, not content! As a result, managing and keeping track of content has become a huge challenge.

Content management capabilities and processes that empower content and marketing teams in developing but also organizing content are needed urgently. As the number of tailored interactions is growing rapidly and the interactions are getting more granular, content is getting lost in huge piles of disparate system silos.

Creating data-driven relevant content

Connected to data solutions, a best-of-breed setup can be achieved where data and content solutions form a synergetic solution for the best customer journeys and lifecycle. Data solutions like CDP's and DMP’s provide the customer information, while tailored content is instantly provided to whatever channel, system or device is desired. But such a setup requires a modern approach and scalable foundation. A foundation that can accommodate data technologies with appealing and relevant content along the lifecycle. A system that delivers data-driven agile content. Enter, the agile CMS.

Agile CMS

An Agile CMS provides the capabilities for marketing and content teams to deliver the best customer journeys and lifecycles possible. It allows them to liberate content, harmonize data, collaborate agile, build micro-content, and craft contextual experiences.

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