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Engatta's 9th Release: Introducing Events


Events are important in today’s marketing landscape. It’s about showing what you have to offer and being seen. Introduce new products and services to customers, increase brand and product awareness, generate new leads, and boost customer loyalty. And with this release, we’ve made Engatta your go-to for event marketing. Are you ready?

Let's get the party started

Is there a social media congress you want to attend? Do you have an exhibition stand at a Digital Marketing conference you need to prepare for? Is there an exciting and relevant sports match or an award ceremony you want to push online? Or are you planning an event and need to allocate different tasks to yourself and your team? Launch Engatta and don't miss out on this party. 

Create a new Event and customize it to your liking. You have the flexibility to add attendees or link to specific campaigns that the event is associated with - it's all up to you.


Of course, we've seamlessly integrated Events into the Calendar and Planner for a complete overview. View, edit, delete, or duplicate events, filter and search for specific events – everything you can do with content items, you can now also do with events. 


Check on progress

When you manage a team, knowing the status of tasks is crucial. We're introducing a new Task Progress Indicator to make things easier for you as a content director. This version shows precisely how many tasks are assigned to content items or events and has visual cues for quick updates.  

These visual cues consist of a green ✓ (completion), blue ◐ (started), and ◯ (not started). Easy does it! 

Add Engatta to your taskbar

We're compatible with Progressive Web App (PWA). If you have Chrome, you can use the install option in the address bar of your Engatta environment to install Engatta as a PWA for easy access from your desktop.   


What else?

As with every release, the above is just a part of what we did. We've updated libraries and applications Engatta uses, such as Java 21 and Mongo 7. Regarding UX, we've improved notification colors, channel icons, and task cards.   

More in-depth information on our 9th release? Discover all the features in our release notes. 

Check out the release notes


Remember, you can always contact us with suggestions, ideas, or feedback on our latest release. 
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