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Engatta's 11th release: Measure Your Content Operations

Engatta's 11th Release for effective Success Reporting

Welcome to Engatta Release 11! Explore the new enhancements for content operations, including success reporting for executives and managers.

Make Informed Decisions by Content Metrics

Track performance effectively with reporting on views and click data from your content items. Engatta users can now make informed, data-driven decisions to improve content quality and drive engagement effectively. All the insights you need to strengthen your content strategy. That means: all the valuable insights you need in one overview. With Engatta's Content Metrics, of course.  

Comprehensive Overview by a new Wall Experience

Discover a new content management experience with the Wall. This feature provides a centralized and visually organized view of all your content items from various channels. Easily filter items by popularity, channel, or collection while maintaining chronological order. Or structuring it by using category colors. 

This means having the complete overview from production to metric. Easily switch the Wall view to report on the results you require at a particular meeting or situation. Whether it's performance for success reporting towards management or progression reporting when checking in with your team members, this new Wall got you covered.

R11_The WallGet a full view with the latest Wall experience.

Easy collaboration on Shared Content Items

Share your drafts with just one click with your stakeholders or clients outside Engatta. They can provide feedback without the need for them to log in. External user comments can now be conveniently handled within Engatta, maintaining clear boundaries between internal and external conversations. Enable easy collaboration and streamline your feedback process with Comments on Shared Content Items.

Enhance Task Management with in-item checklists

Get things done with checklists and simple text editing capabilities: this feature is now available in the description fields of specific content items and tasks. Keep track of tasks and ensure nothing falls through the cracks with enhanced task management features.

But wait, there's more! Our team is working behind the scenes, preparing to unveil even more exciting features, enhancements, and bug fixes in Engatta Release 12. Subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be the first one discovering upcoming releases.

How to Get Started? 

Excited to take your content operations to the next level? Getting started with Engatta and exploring these groundbreaking features is as easy as pie. Contact us today to experience the future of content operations? Please feel free to contact us

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