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4 Lessons Content Editors Can Learn From Data Marketers

4 Lessons Content Editors Can Learn From Data Marketers

Efficiency in an omnichannel content environment is a massive challenge for you, the content editor. Fortunately, data marketers are a few steps ahead of us. This is what we can learn from their experiences.

1. Use a channel-independent tool

More and more data marketers are using tools to collect, analyze and activate data from many different channels. As a result, they have combined data regarding website visits, social media post clicks, and webshop purchases, to name a few. These advanced tools then translate the data into relevant customer profiles.

You can learn from these data marketers. All too often, you must upload your content to different channel systems — sometimes even uploading the same content, such as images, numerous times for it to be useable across different channels. That’s a waste of valuable time.

Fortunately, the number of advanced headless CMSs is growing, including those where you upload an image only once but can use it on several channels. That’s because the CMS translates each piece of content, perfectly tailoring it to a channel’s specifics. And as you probably know by now, we have developed our very own advanced CMS for you: Engatta.

2. Harmonize your content

For data marketers, the transition to a centralized tool involved trial and error. One of the biggest hurdles was the harmonization of data. Connecting customer numbers from an ERP system to customer profiles gathered from online behavior took time.

ERP Customer

So for you, it’s important to properly prepare data harmonization. Drawing up a good taxonomy will help you improve your metadata. An image with a car should be tagged consistently throughout your organization. You don’t want one content team to tag it with ‘car’ while the other tags it with ‘vehicle’.

3. Your content editor role changes

The transition to a centralized tool took time. The context was missing, which meant data marketers didn’t receive a coherent visualization of data. The correlation in data had to be made explicit. But after the effort they put in, data marketers now work with all the information they need right at their fingertips. The use of omnichannel tools means their role has changed: they can now focus on providing value and delivering results.

When you start working in an omnichannel environment, your role as a content editor will change, too. You will create micro-content without knowing what the result will look like or where it will be published. If needed, an API will request the content you’ve created and deliver it to channel-specific systems. It’s a headless approach you’ll need to get used to.

Content and information are coming together, making it easier for you to do what you do best: deliver stellar content. There’s no need to search/retrieve, adjust, multi-edit, and test content on each channel. You can start focusing on delivering great content and value to your customer on whatever channel they use.

4. Embrace agility

In the last few years, data marketing has matured. Advanced tools continuously provide valuable insights and help data marketers adjust their campaigns. To quickly respond to these real-time insights, marketers must embrace the agile way of working.

Content teams should also go agile. Thanks to your data colleagues, you already have real-time insights at your disposal to help create better content. Being able to respond quickly can be the difference between a post that’s read 100 times and one that is read 100,000 times.

A more effective professional

As a content professional in a multichannel environment, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. The developments in our world are similar to those of data marketers. They started working with channel-independent tools, harmonized their data, changed their role, and went agile. These changes made them more effective, enabling them to deliver more value to their organizations. By taking a good look at data professionals, you can do the same. Good luck!

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