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Something about us 

What we noticed

Excellent content fuels great customer experiences, yet many companies struggle to manage it.
We see a great opportunity to improve content operations to truly excel in delivering great content on time & on brand. That's why we started to build Engatta.

Who we are

Engatta is a startup within GX Software. GX Software has a history of building solid content management solutions for more than 25 years. Established in the late 90s, XperienCentral is still the leading content management platform with a large customer base of big brands like Nationale Nederlanden, PSV, De Volksbank, AholdDelhaize & Wageningen University.

After building BlueConic in the previous decade as a separate Customer Data Platform next to our Content Management System XperienCentral, we now see the need for a separate Content Operations Platform.

A team of highly skilled and experienced people in software development, content strategy and product design, is now working on Engatta.

EGA Team
Engatta helps you grow your business Getting started is easy!