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To achieve hyper-personalization, Engatta delivers omnichannel customer content at scale.


If you could combine all your customer data, product information, web content and digital assets, you could make customers feel as though an experience was created just for them. And if you had a way to deliver individualized content at scale, in real time, you could deliver these hyper-relevant experiences to every single customer, across all channels.

That’s exactly what Engatta lets you do.

Delivering the ultimate AI enabled personalized experiences

Businesses have adopted all sorts of solutions to deliver personalization, like Digital Experience Platforms, Campaign & e-mail Marketing Solutions, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), and so on. Those solutions tend to be siloed, making it difficult for teams to collaborate and create true omnichannel experiences.

Engatta unites all the capabilities you need to orchestrate your omnichannel customer content.

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to cross silos

Effective teamwork across silos streamlines processes for consistent online results.

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across all channels

Content redundancy is eliminated in various point solutions to create one source of truth.

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Integration with
AI decisioning

Integrated AI-based decision engines to support the content personalization process.

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NBA support to
push conversion

Intelligent Next Best Action marketing is made possible at each step of the customer journey.


Engatta sits on top of the content and data sources you need to create personalized content. It allows you to orchestrate omnichannel content delivery, matching the right moment in the customer journey. Customer Content Orchestration combines the power of customer data with the power of content to create personal content experiences, driving business outcomes.

Engatta combines customer data, product information and content, enabling instant, highly individualized experiences at a scale never before seen. Customers are not only given relevant content at the moment they need it, but even content they never knew they wanted. Engatta fits seamlessly into your existing marketing technology stack, driving unrivalled business and technical value.

Business value
Technical value
  • Next Best Action

    Dynamically linking NBA decisioning to personalized content is a delicate matter. Don’t try to manage that in a spreadsheet or a channel specific system like a WCM system. Let Engatta do the job for you!

  • Dialog Content Management

    Personalization requires many specific content dialogs. That’s a content game, not a customer profile definition. Engatta connects content dialogs to the matching customer segments.

  • Omnichannel personalization content management

    Delivering personalized content across channels in realtime requires the intelligent use of content models and content hierarchy. Traditional content management solutions fall short of this goal. Engatta contains the strongest and most flexible content modeling capabilities.

  • Collaboration is key

    Personalization must be done in cooperation. Engatta enables seamless internal collaboration across business units and teams resulting in coordinated campaigns, assets created on time and measurable outcomes.

  • Content Object Store

    Use Engatta to model your fundamental single source of truth for re-usable content. This Increases your control over content processes and allows easy content access at every customer touchpoint.

  • Data Virtualization & REST API

    Virtual access to all data from any application is what data virtualization gives you. Combined with a powerful REST API which supports all front- and back-end integrations, Engatta gives you all the data needed for ultimate personalization at your fingertips.

  • Controlling your MarTech TCO

    Being a no-code, SaaS platform, Engatta keeps your MarTech total cost of ownership (TCO) low and increases the value and ROI of your entire stack.

Engatta is the latest innovation from GX Software. For over 20 years GX has been building content and personalization solutions that align business areas and make organizations more successful digitally.

Numerous companies like ING, KPN, T-Mobile and AFC Ajax use solutions from GX Software.

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